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Vitamin K Charts. The following charts list foods with vitamin K. Each food can be classified as high, medium, low or free, depending on the amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K Content of Some Common Foods. Green leafy vegetables are the best sources of vitamin K. The following table lists foods sources of vitamin K. Page 2. Vitamin K is a family of structurally similar, fat-soluble vitamers found in foods and marketed as dietary supplements. The human body requires vitamin K. Restaurant foods with %, baby foods with %, vegetables and vegetable products with %, fats and oils with %, meals, entrees. Foods with Vitamin K. Below is a listing of foods with the highest amounts of vitamin K per specified portion. FOODS. PORTION. VITAMIN K. CONTENT*. (MICROGRAMS).

Discussing Some Vitamin K Rich Foods · 1. Green Leafy Vegetables · 2. Soybean & Canola Oil · 3. Fruits · 4. Nuts · 5. Fish · 6. Healthy Juices · 7. Soybeans. The Good food list for people on anticoagulants (foods low in vitamin k). VEGETABLES FRUITS PROTEIN OTHER Snap peas. Red cabbage. Avocado Asparagus Peas. Vitamin K is found in healthy foods like leafy greens. Vitamin K helps blood to clot, so it can change the way warfarin works. This does NOT mean you need. One cup of cooked kale has over micrograms of vitamin K! Try incorporating this tasty vegetable into your meals for a big dose of this important nutrient. The Essential Vitamin K Foods Lists for Warfarin Users: With More Than Foods Listed with Vitamin K content — Detailed Meal Planning Guidelines [Maher. Oranges and orange juice, starfruit, apple juice and lemons are fruit choices that don't contain vitamin K. While grapefruit doesn't have any vitamin K, it. High Vitamin K foods (more than mcg). Moderate Vegetables, and vegetable juice not listed If you eat more than one serving of a moderate vitamin K food. Vitamin K (phylloquinone). Beans, pinto Biscuits, plain or buttermilk, refrigerated dough, higher fat, baked Fast foods, potato, french fried in. Snack Sources of Vitamin K · Dry Roasted Edamame (Salted) · Pine Nuts (Pignolias) · Dried Blueberries · Roasted Cashews (Unsalted). $/lb. Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, broccoli, and lettuce · Vegetable oils · Some fruits, such as blueberries and figs · Meat, cheese, eggs, and.

Food Sources of Vitamin K2 (MK-4) ; Chicken breast, ; Chicken leg, ; Ground beef (medium fat), ; Bacon, ; Calf liver, Food Sources of Vitamin K ; Lettuce, green leaf, raw, shredded, mL (1 cup), ; Broccoli, raw, chopped, mL (1 cup), 94 ; Watercress, raw, chopped, mL. Vitamin K Content of Some Common Foods. Green leafy vegetables are the best sources of vitamin K. The following table lists foods sources of vitamin K. Food. Fruits Highest in Vitamin K ; Dried Peaches (Peaches, dried, sulfured, uncooked) 1 oz (about 2 halves) ; Cantaloupe Melons (Melons, cantaloupe, raw) 1 cup. Vitamin K has two main forms, K-1 and K Vitamin K-2 is naturally present in fatty meats, dairy products, and fermented foods. Both forms of vitamin K are. Certain vegetable oils have high amounts of vitamin K. Foods that are low in vitamin K include roots, bulbs, tubers, some fruits and fruit juices. Cereals. Foods on this list contain 60+ mcg per serving. People on Warfarin need consistent amounts of vitamin K, so these foods are more likely to affect your. List of Vitamin K Rich Vegetables · 1. Spinach. Half a cup of cooked spinach contains nearly 3 times more vitamin K than a raw cup of spinach, that is, mcg. Vegetables and oils are better sources of vitamin K than fruits (Traber, ). However, even in situations where maternal vitamin K consumption is high.

Various vegetables, especially green leafy veggies, and fruits are great sources of vitamin K1. On the other hand, vitamin K2 is found in meat. Foods With Vitamin K2 · 1. Natto · 2. Eel · 3. Cheese · 4. Beef Liver · 5. Chicken · 6. Butter · 7. Sauerkraut · 8. Egg Yolk. Good sources of vitamin K include fresh green vegetables and herbs and spices such as parsley, basil, sage, cilantro, oregano, and black pepper. Thus, it is readily available in numerous dietary sources such as green vegetables (e.g., iceberg lettuce, broccoli, and spinach), vegetable-oil-derived. Top 15 Vitamin K Rich Foods · Kale · Collard Greens · Spinach · Broccoli · Eggs · Cheese · Talk to a Certified Coach on WhatsApp to know more about HealthifyMe Plans.

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